Sarita Cheaves

Sipping to Podcasts

Sarita Cheaves
Sipping to Podcasts

In celebration of Black Podcast Week, I've decided to pour a glass of wine & highlight all my favorite podcasts, led by people pf color. 

I'm propped up in the new Whole Foods lounge on H street sippin a semi- dry rosé. 

Here are my fav podcasts:

The Swirl Suite

The Swirl Suite is a wine podcast hosted by a squad of black women (including myself) who all work in the wine/spirits industry. We give the tea on industry trends & wine/spirits education. Favorite episode: Swirl Suite Sunday Brunch 

Episodes: SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher, GooglePlay, & YouTube

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The Read is hosted by Kid Fury & Crissle, who deliver strong thoughts on current events & celebrity gossip.  Each episode concludes with a powerful "read". 

Favorite Episode: The Read Live: Washington DC (I was there!)

Find The Read episodes on iTunes, SoundCloud, & Stitcher. 

Another Round 

Another Round is a Buzzfeed podcast led by Heben & Tracy. They both have warm, inviting personalities with intelligent perspectives and an outstanding guest list. Check out their newsletter too. Its pretty cool.

Favorite Episode: Oh! The Racism with Issa Rae

Find all episodes on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, & Stitcher. 

The Friend Zone

The Friend Zone touches on wellness and mental health. The group digs into decisions people make and why they make them.

Favorite episode: Nature vs Nurture

Check out Assanté, Fran & Dustin of the Friends Zone on iTunes & SoundCloud.


This is a new podcast that I was just introduced to & immediately became a fan. This podcast is led by 5 of the most mature, intoxicating black women, all 30 & under.

Favorite Episode: Pain

Follow BlackGirlPodcast: ScottieBeam, Sapphira, Gia Peppers, Black Daria & Alysha on twitter & episodes can be found on iTunes & SoundCloud

Heart & Hustle

Angelica & Charisma know their stuff! This podcast is a huge business motivator. They tackle one subject at a time, from a entrepreneur perspective.

Favorite Episode: How to be a podcast guest

Follow their episodes on their site or Soundcloud & iTunes. 


Yes Girl is an Essence podcast led by ESSENCE staffers Cori Murray and Yolanda Sangweni—and relationship expert Charli Penn. This podcast gets the real tea on influential black celebrities.

Favorite Episode: Uzo Aduba/Remy Me Papoose

You can find episodes on iTunes, GooglePlay or Spotify, Player FM. 

For Colored Nerds

I know this word is getting worn out but these podcaster are so WOKE. Best friends Brittany & Eric intelligently dissect current events, music, books & TV. 

Favorite episode: Boomerang Revisited

Find all episodes on Google Play, iTunes, Stitcher, acast, 


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