Sarita Cheaves

A 65° Wine

Sarita Cheaves
A 65° Wine

65° is a comfortable Spring temperature for me. Its cool enough for a jean jacket & warm enough hang outside without streaming sweatbeads swelling my roots.  

65° Spring wine pairing can be very enjoyable. Seasons do shape what the palate desires, but its something about the Spring. Dining alfresco, creative salads & breaking out the grill. I always look forward to seafood, packed salads & grilled meats with a dark char.

Outside of rosé, Pinot Grigio is a great Spring wine and really good ones hold up to flavorful dishes.  

Today, I'm sipping a Pinot Grigio from Washington State. 

Charles Smith

2014 Pinot Grigio

Total Wine, $10

The nose on the wine is so welcoming. Peach, apple, orange zest & lychee. 

On the palate there is green apple, lemon, a medium body, & a lingering finish.  

This wine pairs well with seafood, light pastas and salads. I happened to sip this with a protein-filled kale salad with Champagne dressing


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