Sarita Cheaves

Pinot & Power (contains spoilers of S4 Ep9)

Sarita Cheaves
Pinot & Power (contains spoilers of S4 Ep9)

Whelp....I'M SO DONE WITH POWER. Pictured below is Power creator, Courtney Kemp and the main characters of the show. They are all smile beautifully while their episodes chip away a piece of my soul. (I know I'm dramatic but this last episode really hurt.) If you don't watch Power, just go ahead move on with your day. This post will mean nothing. 

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I came home from an innocent girls brunch, meaning no endless mimosas, inappropriate stories or insanely loud cackling. Just a short, easy & delicious brunch. S/O to DC Harvest for a beautifully classy experience. Anywho, I got home, gave the husband my left overs, & opened a bottle of Pinot Noir. I'm glad I took a few sips before we decided to watch Power on demand because I would not have remembered a thing if I hadn't.  

Samuel Robert Winery, Oregon, 2015 Vintage, Pinot Noir, Total Wine $15 

Samuel Robert Winery, Oregon, 2015 Vintage, Pinot Noir, Total Wine $15 

I swirled this Pinot while Tariq interviewed for the new school he wants to attend. On the nose I got flat coke, red flowers & raspberries. I watched the very subdued scene. Then the camera focused on Ghost in the background giving him the thumbs up while his son lied so eloquently to the interviewer.  

I took another sip while Dre gives instructions to the crew. His ultimate plan is to shift all the Power from Tommy to himself. He will create a divide between Tommy and his crew by destroying all the product, forcing them to go elsewhere. 

I continued to sip during the scene when Angela has a sit down with the new US Attorney for the Eastern District. She is no-nonsense black woman who wants to "restore the public's faith" in the justice system. She thinks Angela belongs on her team for experience but not in leadership as Head of Criminal. The electricity in this scene matches my palate as I get cherry, spice & herbs in this Pinot. Its unbelievable for a $15 wine. 

During this 60 minute Power episode, I only tasted wine 12 minutes in. Power literally knocked the taste out of my mouth and this is where it began.

  • Tasha spilling her entire plan to divorce Ghost and get paid. She is telling it all to her husbands former lawyer, who barely knows. She has a plan for them to live happily ever after. Yeah right...this little fling just bothers me. 
  • Brain & his homeboy rolling up on Tariq on a basketball court to make sure he doesn't snitch. Tariq managed to son them. He's found a way to shift Power but he is still an dumb. 
  • Simon Stern...UGH TRASH  
  • Tommy is so broken. Ayanla...come on and provide healing. He tears up his mom's house, searching for proof that Teresi is his Dad. When she refuses, he threatens her life. She finally tells him.

(I taste NO wine at this point. I'm sipping but my focus is on all the recklessness)

  • Brains & his homeboy get got by dirty cop, RayRay. Yeah I knew they would not survive. 
  • Dre burns Tommy's entire shipment.
  • Tommy is back on his on own supply. Lawd...
  • Ghost asks Councilman Tate for a favor & now HE OWES YET another debt. 
  • Tasha & Keisha can't clean dough for Tommy any longer. They are out of the game. 
  • Angela has her choice of jobs. REALLY?! In what creamy world does that happen?
  • Homegirl from Miami recognizes the voice of Ghost on TV. Thats gonna be bad. 
  • Tommy comes at Ghost high as a kite. Demanding money that he owed him. Their conversation ends in a headbutt but a check is written. 
  • RayRay sets a trap for Tariq and gives his lil girlfriend the tea about the robbery. 
  • Dre's plan comes to close. For now...
  • Turns out Angela will be the new Head of Criminal. I'm dying to find out how she pulled that off. She promised her new boss that she would stay away from Ghost. Lets see how long that lasts.
  • Dre puts out a hit on Kanan. #FAIL 
  • Tommy finally meets Teresi in person. This pasty man is all Tommy has left & now he wants to meet the rest of the family. 
  • RayRay tries to kill Tariq outside his school dance. He runs & the dirty cop SHOOTS Rayna when she tried to stand up for her STUPID BROTHER. 

I take a huge gulp of wine I don't taste a thing. I had to tweet Courtney Kemp. DEVESTATED 

Thanks for reading my Power rant!