Sarita Cheaves

Award Winning Aldi Rosé - Worth the fuss or nah?

Sarita Cheaves
Award Winning Aldi Rosé - Worth the fuss or nah?

Its Wednesday, Wine Wednesday & usually my telework day but today I had to go into work. For a meeting & a team building picnic (blank stare). Also today, Aldi's rosé was hitting US shelves and I couldn't be there when the doors opened. I've read article after article after article about this rosé that has out-shined more expensive wines in the International Wine Challenge.  I got through my day of returning emails, stomping down halls & a very dry game of Jenga (to make myself seen at this team building picnic). 

I left the picnic & 35 minutes later, I pulled into the Aldi lot. My plan was to buy a case. Doing too much as usual.

As I walked up to get my quarter cart, the devil got to me. In my head: They aint got it. Its sold out. I know they don't have it. I waited too late. I briskly walk to the wine section & see 2 shinning bottles. Whew...I got em! Not a case but I won't complain. I asked an associate: Is this all ya'll have? She told me that I was lucky to get those 2 because a man came in & bought 3 cases. I wanted to say WHAT?! What he look like??? But I resisted. LOL 

Anyway, here is my review. 

Exquisite Collection Rosé

Cotes De Provence

Blend: Grenache Cinsault & Syrah

Aldi, DC location, $7.99


This rosé has a beautiful peach tangerine color. The nose is a quintessential Provence rosé, strawberry, peach & clean steel. On the palate its crisp with high acidity and the finish...the finish is what sets this wine apart from a typical $8 wine. The finish is so full of flavor. Spice, fruit & longevity. This could easily be a $15-$20 wine & I would pay it. Please note that everyone isn't going to enjoy this rosé because its pretty dry. The fruit is present but there is very little sweetness. If someone isn't used to this style of rosé, they may be disappointed. But if you hang with folks who are swirl before they sip, are familiar with wine regions & understand the styles, you will shimmy in unison. 

This rosé would pair well with Greek food. I can just taste grilled shrimp or chicken kabob with a Greek salad and tabbouleh. Pesto or meaty meaty crabs would be great with this rosé. 

I've typed more than usual but to answer the question, Is this rosé worth the fuss or nah? Yes it is. Its worth the trip and worth the fuss but there isn't enough of it. So if you see it stocked, grab it.


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