Sarita Cheaves

Orchard of Eden - Ciders for All

Sarita Cheaves
Orchard of Eden - Ciders for All

According to Forbes, hard cider sales have been up and down in the past few years, but i’m anxious to see what 2018 sales will say. This year I’ve tasted some phenomenal ciders. With ciders, i’m an open book and I never know what to expect.

BEHOLD! Eden Heritage Ciders!

A few weeks ago, I received 6 Eden Heritage Ciders for a Twitter Chat. I was so impressed.


Brut Nature

Brut Nature, the driest of the cider sparklers, is made in the Champagne method made with heirloom and bittersweet apples from Vermont & New Hampshire.Its a great balance of fruity flesh & acidity. I would pair this cider with oysters or clams.

Extra Sec

Even though sec means dry, this cider has a nice sweetness. A beautiful fruit forward body with spices. I paired this cider with pad Thai and homemade Pho. This is a nice welcome cider for a dinner party. A true crowd pleaser.

Imperial 11° Rosé

This cider rosé drinks like a wine. Made from apples & red currants with no coloring or additives. The nose is full of strawberry, cherry with hints of spiced roses. So bright & flavorful with a full body. A natural sweetness that every palate will love.


Dry Still Cider

Made from 20 different varieties of apples, this bone dry still cider is great for food. Its dry but I get raw honey with floral notes and high acidity. I munched on local cheddar & crackers with this cider. I can imagine sipping this on Thanksgiving with turkey & mac n’ cheese.


Heritage Cider (can)

This Heritage cider is the perfect balance of fruit & acidity. Its fermented dry with small % of Eden’s Ice Cider. According to my palate, this cider is perfection. I would be happy to drink this lounging inside or while watching sports outdoors.


Vermont Ice Cider

This tasty digestif is made up of a unique blend of heirloom apples. Vermont’s winter creates the perfect environment for the concentrated flavors in an ice cider. The fruit, acidity & spices will complement apple pie as well as an assorted cheese plate. This would be the perfect conclusion to Thanksgiving dinner.

Ciders w Hat.jpg

I was just as excited about Eden Heritage Ciders as I would be about any wine i’ve received. They were diverse in style and fruit. Pure art. I would say this is the perfect time of the year for ciders but I can see enjoying Eden ciders all year long.


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