Sarita Cheaves


Sarita Cheaves

Happy Spring Everyone! I hope you are living pleasurable lives and drinking great wine. 

I feel like I owe an explanation as to why I don't write as much. I sorta feel like that guy who only texts to see if he's still "got you". Hence the title of this post.  Right now, I'm doing a bit of juggling. I need to see where I belong and where I can plant roots for my brand.  

Here is where I am...


I currently produce 2 podcasts. I co-star in and produce The Swirl Suite, which gives insight on our roles in the wine industry. This show started in 2014 under a different name. It was just YouTube show that aired monthly. Now its a podcast on 4 platforms as well as YouTube. After some struggles with producing techniques and editing, I decided to enroll in a producers course at DCTV. When I received my certification in production, the ideas started rolling in. For more experience, I began to produce the Wine O'Clock podcast

Producing a podcast is similar to producing a tv show or event. I come up with topics, organize agendas/rundowns for each show, schedule guests, edit and distribute. Its exhausting but I love it.


I've started to notice that people long for the wine life. Wine is a symbol of relaxation and celebration. Drinkers don't want to just prop wine on a table like trophy, they want someone there to be present, to pour and to tell the story of the wine. Luckily, if someone likes my energy, I can be that person. 

Private Events

Last month, I was approached about organizing a private wine event for a married couple. It would be a birthday celebration with just the 2 of them. Adorable right!? I decided on a 3 course Greek wine pairing. I set up a romantic table, got Greek food from Yia Yia and even made a young and sexy playlist for them. I had so much fun being a wine butler to this easy going couple. 

BTW- I bought everything on this table from the thrift store. 

BTW- I bought everything on this table from the thrift store. 

Club Barre 

You can still catch me at Bikram Yoga Ivy City every 3rd Friday for Club Barre. I create a "healthy hour" for yogis who attend Fatima's intense barre class. After they survive 60 minutes of push-ups, crunches and pliés in a 105° room, they all deserve a treat. I typically create a mocktail with a fresh fruit juice, bring healthy snacks and provide wine for drinkers. 


Other Gigs

You can also find me pouring for other businesses such as Vino301 and Luxe Giving. Both businesses are in concierge but have different customers. Vino301 is all things Maryland wine and provides tours and local tastings. Luxe Giving is a full service event planning company that provides quality events for local communities. Translation = They plan super swanky events at even swankier apartment complexes. I pour for the the Wine Down nights. 

Events I Attend

I attend twice as many events as I host. While being in this industry, we have to be hip to any trends and keep learning because things are always evolving. In the past 3 months I've attended a South African wine master class, a Greek wine master class and a handful of other tastings. The Greek master class is what inspired me to create a menu for the private birthday dinner. I know my Instagram looks like an extended ass wine dinner but its not all fun. I have the pounds to show it. LOL This is huge part of how we learn.

All this to say, please forgive me and I'll do better about blogging. I'm a Libra and lately things haven't been very balanced so its been a chip on my shoulder. On the other hand, i've been pushed from all directions, outside of all of my comfort zones and I like it.