Sarita Cheaves

5 years and We still Together

Sarita Cheaves
5 years and We still Together

Happy 5th Year Anniversary to VineMeUp! 

I can't believe its been 5 years since my very 1st blog post. There was no long term plan when I began this journey. I just knew it was something I had to do. I remember exactly where I was and it was a hot day in DC. I got off at Union Station Metro and walked to Schneider's for their free tasting, always held on a Wednesday.


I remember shaking as I headed to the back of the store to taste the wines, as if people knew this was my 1st time reporting on a wine. I nervously tasted 3 wines. It was humid that day so I was happy with the refreshing selections. 


I wrote notes on a sweaty pad & bought 2 wines (Lobster Reef & Penya). As I made my purchase, I stared at the young man who rang me up. Part of me wanted to say "Hey! i'm a wine blogger and this shop and these wines will be my first feature!" But I just smiled, put my wines in my book bag & marched back to Union Station. 

When I got home, I downloaded the drab pictures I took and nervously typed what I thought of these wines & hit the publish. The rest is history. 

5 Things I've realized in 5 years 

  • Wine is an art that leads me to where I want to retire. 
  • I'm far from a perfectionist.  
  • Salt & vinegar Utz and Chablis is an outstanding pairing.
  • I'm 60% creative & 40% logic. I need room for both.
  • Food is life. 

Thank you to everyone to reads all my random thoughts along with my wine nerdy experiences. 

Cheers to 5 years & 25 more.