Sarita Cheaves

I Think I Can

Sarita Cheaves
I Think I Can

Boxes and now cans. Winemakers are becoming more open to alternative packaging. Now that its officially summer, canned wines are exploding at the perfect time. 

I bought 3 different canned wines made in 3 different regions. 

Pop & Fizz, Oregon; Nitro Rose, Maryland; Barrelhouse, California   From left to right.

Pop & Fizz, Oregon; Nitro Rose, Maryland; Barrelhouse, California

From left to right.


Pop & Fizz, Sparkling Wine (Grapes unknown), Oregon, $4.99 

Light nose with pear and white flowers. Fruity and sweet on the palate with easy carbonation. Not much complexity. Don't take it too serious. Just chill and drink. This wine is fun and great for beach day, poolside & the adult section at a children's party.  

Nitro Rosé, Old Westminister Winery, Maryland, $8.99

58% Syrah, 30% Chambourcin, 6% Malbec, 6% Chardonnay

This rosé is one of 6 canned wines from Old Westminster Winery. Nitro is is carbonated with CO2 in the tank and then a dose of nitrogen is added directly to the can. The nose of this wine starts a little funky but as it aerates, layers of complexity are revealed. Earthy plum, black cherry and herbs can be found on the nose. On the palate, there is cranberry, red apples and raspberry. 

This rose will be great for deck parties, lounging in the park with hoagies, and Diner En Blanc

Barrelhouse Red Blend, California, $6.99

This red blend was aged in bourbon barrels for 3 months. On the nose, there is vanilla, caramel and baking spices. This is a medium bodied wine with black pepper, cherry cola and cocoa on the palate. 

The Barrelhouse red drinks like a nice house wine. Great for night concerts, outdoor movies and people watching on the porch. 

The cans above can be found at Total Wine.