Sarita Cheaves

Local Luxury at Dodon

Sarita Cheaves
Local Luxury at Dodon

I was itching to go to winery. I hadnt visited one all summer and I really needed a fix. When would I go? Where would I go? Virginia or Maryland? New or familiar? These were all the questions floating through my head on a Tuesday afternoon when I was at my day job & couldn't stop dozing. Last week while recording The Swirl Suite, Leslie mentioned that she was drinking Sauvignon Blanc from a new Maryland winery. First of all Leslie is a not a Sauv Blanc fan so where ever she got this wine, I had to check it out. There was my answer. The Vineyards at Dodon

Dodon Entrance

The Vineyards at Dodon

Location: 391 Dodon Road, Davisonville, MD (30 minutes from DC. Between Bowie & Annapolis) 

APPOINTMENT ONLY:  "Visits consist of an intimate, educational session led by a knowledgeable member of the Dodon team." 

There are 2 tastings to select from:

$50 - Collectors Tour & Tasting: A sit down tasting of limited edition wines paired with a beautiful cheese board. An in depth history of the Dodon, farming and winemaking principles. 

$25 - Introductory Tour & Tasting: A sit down tasting of Dodon Series wines. A description of the Dodon property and farming principles. 


Author and local wine expert, Regina McCarthy guided us through the Collectors Tour & Tasting. Our welcome wine was the 2017 Sauvignon Blanc. A beautifully balanced white with clean notes of pineapple and lemon. This wine can be paired with chicken piccata, shrimp scampi or oysters on the half shell. I see why this was the wine that changed Leslie's disdain for this grape. 

We continued to sip Sauvignon Blanc while getting some history of the winery and a tour of facility. 

Dodon is family owned and 100 estate. The property being passed down generations, is 550 acres of farmland. Like many other Maryland properties, the land was perviously a tobacco farm. Today 7 members of the 8th generation own Dodon and share responsibility of preserving its agricultural heritage. Before launching, owners and winemakers, Polly Pittman and Tom Croghan tested both French and Italian grapes with small plots near their home. French grapes grew very well. Italians, not so much. The grapes that can be found on the Dodon property are Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. 

After the tour, we sat down to a spectacular pairing and tasting of Dodon's age worthy wines. 

Drum Point was so interesting. It was my first oak aged Sauvignon Blanc. Dungannon & Oronoco...I mean really. Just outstanding. These are wines you meant age for 10 year wedding anniversaries and milestone birthdays. 

Wine List.jpg

This tasting experience felt more like a master class. For wine nerds like me, this was heaven. It is intense & may not be for everyone. I say check it out to see if you like this style of tasting. The wines are worth it.  

Dodon is certainly a dose local wine luxury.  

Cheers to the Vineyards of Dodon! Cheers to Maryland wine!

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