Sarita Cheaves

Back Pay & Brazilian Bubbles

Sarita Cheaves
Back Pay & Brazilian Bubbles

The furlough has ended and we all are in recovery mode. OR was the furlough our real recovery??? I showed up to work on Monday and it felt weird. The halls were filled with welcome back greetings, “oh my gosh. how was your holiday?!” and “what did you do during the furlough?”. The entire 6th floor chatted it up over donated doughnuts, coffee and fruit. Most stories were full of resting, binge-watching & housework. What I found interesting is that many of us didnt partake in destructive behavior during the furlough. No binge drinking, overeating or laying around all day. Even though money was tight, the stress that our day job causes, surpasses furlough feelings. More time was spent with family, there were lunch dates with people we hadn’t seen in years, and for once, there was time left. There wasn’t an influx of emails and hanging deadlines. As my supervisor genuinely asked how I was doing and chatted about me Kondo cleaning my kitchen, she stopped and said “you look really good.” My response was “I took full advantage of the down time.”

Thankfully my agency was the first to get back pay yesterday and we got a 2 hour early dismissal due to snow fall. I stopped at a local liquor store for my first back pay bottle and I was excited to be back at it.

Miolo Brut Rosé

50% Chardonnay, 50% Pinot Noir

Val dos Vinhedos, Brazil

$15.99 at The Village Pump in College Park, MD


Miolo is a Portuguese word that translates to inside, pulp or brains. I think its powerful that the Miolo family name represents something that makes a person or object who or what they are. Not only is Miolo a family of winemakers dated back to 1897, but they are the largest Brazilian wine exporter.

The Miolo sparkling rosé is made with the Champagne method and aged for 6 months in bottles in the underground cellars of Vale dos Vinhedos.

Miolo 2.jpg

The color is absolutely beautiful. The nose is full of cherry, strawberry and peach. On the palate, there is a nice balance of sweet and creaminess with a medium body. This rosé would pair nicely with chicken salad, a light pasta or veggie pizza. One of my favorite pairings is rosé and a poultry sausage so I seared some Roma prosecco sausage.

Brazil makes some spectacular wines and they know their way around the bubbles.


I’d like to thank everyone who sent me kind words of prayer, gift cards and cash during the furlough. Your efforts went a long way. Even though the past 35 days were a little scary, I’ve learned a great deal about myself. Once I was stripped of all the vices I bought with money, I was forced to slow down and discover what I cherished. I worked out daily, visited my grandmother often, and took my dog on long walks. I still and will always relish in alone time. I was very productive for my podcast The Swirl Suite and cleaned out every closet. Even though I didnt drink a great deal of wine during the furlough, I still wanted to be all about it. I read lots of articles about how the furlough was affecting wineries and the projections for 2019. Lastly, there is food. Food kept me busy and made me feel accomplished. I discovered that I love prepping to cook as much as I love eating. Check out my Homemade highlights on Instagram to see what I created.

I’m not sure if this will be the last shutdown but I doubt if it will ever feel like this one. It will go down as a historical gift and a curse.


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