Sarita Cheaves

Root Cause - A Book Review

Sarita Cheaves
Root Cause - A Book Review

Happy Summer Everyone!

I’ve been feeling very inspired lately for many reasons but the main push was my recent experience at the My Taught You Retreat. Over a year ago the applications opened and I nervously hit the submit button. Surprisingly, I was chosen to join 130 of women from all walks of life, to spend a long weekend in the Nizuc luxury resort in Cancun. It was an experience that pushed me into uncomfortable yet exciting directions. I’m still stewing on it all. This retreat makes me want to work harder, set boundaries but be more open, breathe more, laugh more but focus and read more books. If this seems like a melting pot of contradictions, listen to me and fellow podcaster, Bri Books unpack our experience on the Swirl Suite Podcast, MTY Recap.

Root Cause.jpg

On to my book review! A few months ago, I received an advanced copy of Root Cause by Steven Laine. This novel is a mystery that follows Corvina Guerra, a flying winemaker. Yes, this is a real job! Flying winemakers are consultants who travel around the world, providing their expertise. They examine procedures, grape growing & winemaking techniques. In Root Cause, Corvina was visiting a winery in Italy and she discovered phylloxera, a microscopic bug that feeds on grapevines, leaving them dead & lifeless. Phylloxera cant just appear out of nowhere. It has to be transferred from somewhere by someone. Corvina realizes she needs help so she links up with an investigator with a motive, Bryan Lawless.

Corvina & Bryan travel from Hong Kong to South Africa, digging for answers. The more they find out, the more stunned they are with what truths come to light. To add more pressure, they are on a tight time frame. Phylloxera is spreading and they need to find the root cause and before wine is wiped out forever. Imagine that!

This is a such a great novel and would make an excellent movie. I can visualize myself hopping planes, marching through vines & asking all the questions, along with Corvina & Bryan. I think I would be an excellent investigator. I love the level of wine detail and character development.

I wont spoil the end for you but it will surprise you. You can find Root Cause on Amazon. Check it out and let me know what you think. Stayed tuned for a full book discussion on the Swirl Suite podcast later this summer.

Oh! I sipped Amarone while writing this post. It seemed so fitting since Italy was a huge part of the plot.

2015 Conte Di Bregonzo Amarone, Italy

$16.99, Trader Joes

Amarone has a very complex winemaking process that includes drying grapes. This is the reason the price point is usually $30 or more. When I strolled through Trader Joes and saw $16.99, I had to try it. On the nose, the wine is a little hot. Once the heat clears, I pick up spicy black current, cooked cherries and cedar. There is a lovely rich body with violet around the rim. The mouthfeel is layered, big fruit on the mid palate and finishes with strong tannins.

I paired this wine with my husband’s, barbecue sloppy joe made with ground turkey, sautéed onions and dill pickles. Amarone carries a heavy punch. Either I had to match it or drink it solo. The sloppy joe was a compliment to the wine. Amarone also pairs very well with chocolate. I finished my glass with a handful of M&Ms.



Have a great week!