Sarita Cheaves

A Chicken War

Sarita Cheaves
A Chicken War

Ya’ll had to know I was gonna report on this Popeyes Chicken sandwich. If anything was gonna get me hype enough to type, its fried chicken LOL. This week on Twitter, there has been a battle, mainly between Popeyes & Chick-fil-a but other fast food giants jumped in.

Popeyes came up with a new chicken sandwich that has been crushing Chick-fil-a’s signature chicken sandwich. Here is how the chicken war started…

Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 4.45.34 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-08-23 at 4.56.41 PM.png

And then it escalated….

Who ever manages the Popeye’s social media account is OH SO BLACK and we all ate it up. LITERALLY.

If you didnt know Chick-fil-a is super conservative, closed on SundayS for religious purposes, does not support gay rights and is a Trump supporter. People, especially black people LOVE Chick-fil-a but they needed a little more ammunition to jump ship and Popeyes DELIVERT!

2018 Zweigelt Rosé, Austria, $12.99 at Total Wine

2018 Zweigelt Rosé, Austria, $12.99 at Total Wine

After days of entertainment & a variety of opinions about this Popeye’s sandwich, I finally got my hands on one. This wasnt easy. I went to 3 locations before I found it. For those from the DC area, as of 3pm today, the Lanham location at 7711 Annapolis Rd was fully stocked. I was in line for about 40 minutes but it moved swiftly.


To be honest, I dont eat much fast food but there was too much hype around this chicken sandwich, I had to get involved. I poured the last bit of a Zweigelt rosé & dug in.

Its a good sandwich. I liked the sauce & the pickle was perfectly placed. It didnt make the bread soggy and added a layer of acidity and crunch. Back to this bread. Yes Yes Yes! It’s one of those buttery, light, chewy brioche buns and they lightly toast it. Yup! The chicken was hot and juicy. I enjoyed it.

I tasted what this sandwich was hyped up to be. Would I be craving for another? Nah. My 39ish body wont allow me to enjoy this a second time.

How is it compared to Chick-fil-a? As far as original recipe, Popeye’s has flavor locked down. There is no taste like it. I grew up with these flavors and that crunch, I appreciate it. Chick-fil-a is clean & polished but will never have that kinda soul. Someone put it perfectly…


If you haven’t tried the Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwich and are curious, I would call a few locations first, to make sure they have them. Take it home and open a nice rosé or sparkling wine & enjoy. Dont think too much about it. Dont look at the calories because that wont allow to relish in it. Just sit in the salty, crunchy goodness.


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